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Certification Programs

The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) is offered by the ICCP and DAMA International www.dama.org. This course prepares individuals to take the CDMP examinations. By attending this review session you can improve your likelihood of passing at the Expert/Mastery level by 30%.

There are new CDMP exam requirements in 2010: IS Core (mandatory), Data Management Core (mandatory) and one data exam of your choice, e.g. Data Development, Data Operations and Security, Data and Information Quality, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, or Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework2.

DAMA International's New Data Governance Professional Credential (DGP)

If you are in business data governance and/or stewardship, you now have the opportunity to earn the Data Governance Professional (DGP) credential offered by DAMA International in partnership with the ICCP. The Data Governance Professional (DGP) credential is awarded to those who qualify based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of professional level knowledge of data governance and stewardship.

This credential will be granted to those professionals who have passed the Data Governance and Stewardship (DGS) exam either at the Practitioner (50-69%) or Mastery (70% +) level, have either a Bachelors or Masters degree, and 1400 hours of Data Governance and/or Data Stewardship experience. At least one contact name must be provided for verification of Data Governance/Stewardship experience for audit purposes. Costs are $285 USD for the exam and $125 for the credential for a total of $410 USD.

All professionals who obtain the DGP credential are required to fulfill 120 contact hours in the practice for every 3-year recertification / professional development cycle.

The DGP credential can be applied towards the CDMP in the future by taking the two mandatory exams required ($285 USD each) and meeting the education and experience requirements. No additional fees are required.

If you have already taken the Data Governance & Stewardship exam or have a CDMP, there are various ways to obtain the DGP:

  • For those who took the DGS exam as a beta exam in 2011, you can apply for this credential by providing the reference information, appropriate experience and education, and pay the beta exam ($195 USD) and credential ($125 USD) fee for a total of $320 USD.

  • If you have taken the DGS as a data exam for the CDMP and fulfill the DGP education and experience requirements, you can apply your CDMP towards the DGP for the credential fee of $125 USD.
For further information, contact the ICCP office at office2@iccp.org, or check out www.iccp.org or www.dama.org.
Patricia Cupoli, CCP, CDMP, CBIP
DAMA ICCP Director

Please contact info@dama-ncr for additional details.

Chapter guidelines for sponsoring the beta exams:

  1. One designated individual must be the volunteer exam coordinator and proctor for the beta exams at the DAMA Chapter meeting. Proctors must be qualified and acceptable to the ICCP and sign a proctor confidentiality agreement.
  2. Determine when and where to hold the exam session. Some chapters will host exams as part of the chapter’s meeting. Others hold sessions at night or on Saturdays.
  3. A classroom arrangement (tables and chairs) is best with sufficient electrical outlets as the participants will be using their laptops to run the exams.
  4. The exam coordinator must contact the ICCP office ahead of the exam session to order a number of beta exams to be given. ICCP contact information: office@iccp.org, 1-800-843-8227, or 847-299-4227.
  5. Let the ICCP office know if other CDMP exams will be given at the exam session. Cost is $285 USD per regular (non-beta) exam. Payment information must be collected by the exam coordinator / proctor.
  6. Note: there is no profit-sharing arrangement for beta exams. The profit-sharing arrangement between DAMA Chapters and ICCP applies to paid exams only.
Exam taker Information regarding the new beta exams:
  1. Each exam taker must bring a laptop as an exam runs off a USB drive.
  2. Each exam contains 100 multiple choice questions plus 10 extra beta questions to be completed in 90 minutes.
  3. If you pass the exam and want to apply it towards the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation, there will be a conversion charge of $195 USD (the regular exam price is $285 USD) payable to the ICCP.
  4. The beta test is FREE. You will have to fill out an application, but no payment is expected unless you are taking other exams, applying this exam towards the CDMP, or applying this exam towards recertification credit.

Some technical requirements:

  1. The exam software runs on all Windows platforms. It is best to use a Windows laptop rather than another laptop platform, e.g. Apple Mac.
  2. The new version of the Exam Mechanic Presenter software requires .NET 3.5. If you get a message stating that your laptop does not run this version, then the proctor must bring up the older Exam Mechanic software that is on the USB in a separate folder.
  3. For those exam candidates who are using corporate laptops, make sure the laptops do not have encrypted USB drives. Do this simple test – have the exam taker save a file to a USB and have him or her open the file. If it does not open, then the USB drive is encrypted and another laptop must be used. The ICCP office cannot read encrypted files.
  4. Remote internet proctoring requires a webcam, headset with microphone and government issued identification to show.

If there is no DAMA Chapter near you, remote proctoring is available through the ICCP office (office@iccp.org). Since the beta exams are free exams, you must start your exam between 9:00 am – 2:30 pm Central Time (US) to take an exam without a proctoring fee. Remote proctoring via the internet for beta exams is available outside ICCP office hours for a fee of $50 USD per exam. The ICCP office requires two weeks’ notice for remote proctoring appointments. If you are taking a regular (non-beta) exam at $285 USD each, you have more flexibility in scheduling.

Keep in mind that these exams are beta exams. The scores have to be reviewed and adjusted by the DAMA / ICCP team after all the results have been received. Scores may be adjusted upwards, but will NOT be adjusted downwards on review of the performance of questions. The DAMA-DMBOK was one of the many sources used in exam development.

Unadjusted scores are immediately available after the exam has been completed. Official scores will be available after the DAMA / ICCP team meets again. Official profiles will only go out for paid exams. The ICCP office anticipates that all Data Governance and IS Core beta exam testers will have their scores by August 31, 2011. Contact the ICCP if you have not received your scores by August 31, 2011.

Further information can be obtained from the DAMA website (www.dama.org), the ICCP website (www.iccp.org), or by contacting the DAMA ICCP Directors at ICCP_Liaison@DAMA.org.

Additional Resources

The DAMA-DMBOK can be ordered through www.amazon.com.

Last update was October 18, 2013 
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